Sunday, 24 August 2014



i have some lovely people around me which help me by passing on the word about my work.
on wednesday a lady ordered a pint glass for her partner for there anniverary today.

she asked if i could put as much map on as i could.

i fiddled about with composition and engraved the middle earth logo on one side as that is an important aspect of the map and engraved part of the middle of the map which included different parts of the map i thought would work well engraved, like the mountains and trees, on the other side of the glass.

i hope they both love it as much as i love doing it!

email to order.
i have engraved wine glasses, shot glasses, jars, tumblers and as you can see pint glasses so im up for any type of glass just ask!

i have done/will be doing more commissoned glasses in the next few days so i will be posting photos of course!

jess x

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