Thursday, 19 April 2012

the bus is my favourite place to draw ...nothing to distract me and peaceful ...well until the school kids get on!!!!!

it makes my lines go abit wobbly and i like it!

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

i have been working on my promotional pack lately ready for my professional studies deadline tomorrow!
i am very proud and thought i would give you a sneaky peak :)

i have also been making loadssss and loadsss and loadsss of little textured black ceramic triangles today!
ready to be put onto a neckpiece i am making for my degree show! ...arrrrrr scary ha
...i went off into a daydream and just went for it!
i need 120 not sure if im there yet i need to count them!
thats a nice job for tomorrow...


i had a lovely day yesterday at the british craft trade fair!!
i couldnt stop saying 'ooooo' and 'wohhh' at all the amazing thingss!

loved talking to the exhibitioners they where lovely :)
took me agesss going round but i didnt want to miss a thing!
collected some business cards from the ones i loved to look at more online
it made me soooo excited for the future!!!!!! :D

i cant waittttt till my badge says 'exhibitioner'!!!

i wasnt allowed to take pictures of the lovely work on show so this is the best i could do...

if you ever get the chance to go i would definitely recommend it!!

Friday, 13 April 2012

soooo i have decided to make myself a facebook page!
im going to show my work past and present.

if anyone fancies a peak click here.

Sunday, 1 April 2012


ive had a lovely week!!
spent the week carrying on testing doing some product development using leather, black clay and copper (which will be silver for the real thing) ...

...and now will have two weeks off having nice days in my pajamas not having to travel to uni ..oh and maybe some days out of course!!

thought id share i kicked off the holidays nicely with a day out with the girls!
we decided we would challenge ourselves and climb roseberry topping!! being very enthusiastic at the bottom ready to conquer the hill!!!


...and yes it is as hard as it looks!!!!!

we then went to great ayton and sat on the grass and relaxed making daisy chainss :)
i love my girlsss!!!

... and now back to sorting out my cv...