Saturday, 20 July 2013

ive had an AMAZING few weeks!

started it in the sun enjoying the lovely weather laying falling asleep with my ipod in...

and some nice bike ridess..

i also got my marks for my degree and got a 2:1 woooo

 i then had my cleveland college of art and design interview for the technician demonstrator job on wednesday. i was nervous but i felt like it went okay.

..thursday i got a phone call telling me i have got the job! WOOOO! :D

i start in september i cant wait :) i will be working 3 days so its perfect for me doing my business :)

on thursday night i went out to celebrate my friend sarahs 21st birthday and extra celebrated for my new job!!

i spend friday around my nana and grandads with my mam

 i got to see my auntie and uncle and little baby cousin roobs too :)

was a nice day :)

finally today i cleaned out and painted my garage white with lucy!
gradually turning it into our studio!!

loved it!

the first bit of paint!..

us proud of our paint job all finished! ...thank you to my sister meg for helping tooo!

loving my life right now!!