Thursday, 31 July 2014



ive been in the workshop for a while today. i missed the purple one! it felt strange and quiet without her stories (yes people who know me i do shut up sometimes!) i was making a ring i will be giving my older sister sarah off my younger sister megan and i for her 24th birthday soon.

i would show you the ring but its part of my new collection so its all top secret and under wraps SORRY!
i will show you soon!! you can look at my ugly mug for now instead!

i hate binding wire with a passion!


my wedding nails have taken a battering today. i dont think nail varnish and wet + dry paper match well!

goodbye slightly girlie jess ...hello scruffy jeweller hands!

excuse the 'im not leaving the house so dont care what i look like' look ive got going on today!


lucy im excited for you to be home i miss my workshop buddy! i need a scratch checker!

although lucy is away we have still been able to share our excitement at the amazing things that are *fingers crossed* happening soon! ive also gotten lots of photos of sun, cocktails, food, the pool, tans ...i think my eyes have turned green with envy!! 

okay this looks slightly more depressing than i was going for


aswell as new good things happening with our businesses i have also been looking into getting my teaching certificate. if i went back even just 4 years and you told me i would be interested in being a qualified teacher i would of laughed in your face. i used to be soo shy (i know its a little unbeleivable these days) when i was young and the thought would of been my worst nightmare.
 ive always liked the idea of doing workshops even when i was shy but hadnt properly realised i would have to stand and teach a room of people but in the last few years ive learnt so much and ive loved the idea of passing on my knowledge. 

ive loved helping my sister with random things about her college work showing her random drawing techniques etc. my job as a technician also showed me i absolutely love passing on things ive learnt or worked out through me doing things wrong, things ive researched or finding the best way to do things. it also showed me it wasnt so scary getting up infront of people i actually really enjoyed it. i find it really interesting the way peoples minds work and how different everyones work is and teaching a technique for example and seeing what each person does completely differently with this one same thing would be so interesting to me.


i started doing my application form to apply for a course at middlesbrough college today and my student finance. made me proud having to type my qualifications in to the form, i have a personal statement to write and a cv to update mind! im going to do the course part time so that i can spend time building my own business and creative village and enjoy teaching workshops while perfecting my skills at the same time! i think il spend tomorrow writing my personal statement, i weirdly like writing them.. i think thats a bit abnormal! im not sure if cv updating is as interesting mind. It will be strange calling myself a student again after a year of being staff working with students!



Tuesday, 29 July 2014



okay so ive completely neglected my blog for a while! i went through a fase where i got completely addicted to my blog and wanted to post about anything and everything... i need to get that back but without all the boring waffling i probably did (like im waffling right now!! wups!). for a while ive just kept every now and again thinking 'oh crap i better update my blog', come on and realise just how long its been, try and think about anything interesting ive done, say sorry for neglecting the blog and once again leaving it for ages!! 



so now! i considered remaking and restarting a blog thinking i need a new start to refresh the look/feel and posts but i love looking back on old posts from when i first started the blog or the uni days so have decided to stick to this one. i have simplifyed the look to match more to my website as it felt to busy to me to look at so im thinking everyone else felt the same!!

my garden photoshoots - the height of sophisocation.

i am going to at least post once a week to tell you about what i have been up to or any other things that have inspired me at the time. I used to try not to type to much (until this mahusive ramble) but i think i will add more detail through words but of course keep the major amounts of photos i like putting on (im not sure about you but i look at a book or piece of writing with no breaks or photos and think 'nahhh cant even be bothered starting!!')

at the moment im in this transition period between having my technician job at cleveland college of art and design and life as a soley self employed/director of a company. it feels strange and think i will miss my job at CCAD so much but ive got excited things coming up! i will get to spend alot more time in the garage in the workshop with the purple one aka lucy addison now i will have alot more time to consentrate on my work. i am in the middle of making a new collection which im totally excited about! cant wait to show it to everyone!! im also really excited about lucy and i's stand at the british craft trade fair in april! (although it slightly makes me feel sick with nerves everytime i think about it!)

lucy and i + our 'WOOOOO' faces.


ive also recently been busy making the table plan, table names, place names and menus for my cousin paul and his now wife gemma's wedding. the wedding was on friday and i loved seeing all the stuff i made in there places looking good. i was mentioned in the grooms speech, got a round of applause and they have bought me a pandora ring! i was so flattered and proud of myself and i was so happy they loved it all! love contributing towards peoples special day!

me enjoying a glass or 5 of the sparkley stuff outside beautiful ripley castle.

okay so i shouldnt really promote mass produced jewellery being a jeweller an all but there are slight exceptions when its this nice! (the flower one).

today i have been making some more pieces ready for another wedding but there top secret ;) in a while i will also have invites to make for a lady i went to uni with. LOVE weddings!!

the next few days will be spent making my sister a ring from my new collection for her birthday (she got a sneak peak at one i was wearing for the wedding) and engraving 4 wine glasses with lord of the rings maps for her (dont worry she knows!) off my mum and dad.

wupss the workshop needs a major tidy! - slightly creepy eyes going on.

so hopefully i wont woffle so much in future posts ...SORRY!

enjoy the sun! peace out!