Wednesday, 29 February 2012

'It's like the Chinese, they say, for painting, for a work of art you need three things - the hands, the eye and the heart. Two won't do. And I think that's absolutely true.'

- David Hockney.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

open studios

i cant waitt to go here!!
i loved newcastle open studios so im hoping this will be just as good!

david hockney.

last night i was flicking through the tele and found the culture show - david hockney: the art of seeing.
i have always known about david hockney as my nana and grandad are good friends with his brother and always loved his work.

the program reminded me of him so i used good old google to have a look at some of his other work.
in the program he made a point of saying that his work is done totaly by himself, when he was young he got taught the techniques to create art then he added his own creativity to it.

i love his drawings with pencil, even though its such a simple technique they are sooooo good!!

watching the program i loved how even though he is 74 hes managed to use totaly modern technology to create new contempary work.
for these he has used a camera and created a collage...

as time has gone on he has explored new projects.

he has now experimented using a ipad to create his lanscapes! i couldn't believe it!
he has taken his work and moved it along with the times keeping himself contempary and interesting.

he has even started to also use video! i loved them! he used 9 cameras and fixed them to a frame on the front of a jeep and videoed the road. the pictures where abit miss matched which made it look even better and quirky.
i just wanted a massive screen on my bedroom roof with his videos playing to send me to sleep!
they are so relaxing!

im so glad the program reminded me to look him up again!

and his offical website...

ps. sorry for blabing on so much!!

Saturday, 25 February 2012

at the moment we are taking our theme and doing visual research, research on new techniques and starting testing.
my favourite thing to do is draw and consider it one of my strengths so i thought i could use this in some way.
i have decided to look into using clay as paper using stains, on glaze enamels and decay like i would use paint and print outs on paper.

i thought i would be a bit adventurous and use a different layout for my pictures so you get to see more of the detail...

Friday, 17 February 2012

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

soooooooooo excited!
we have now got our new brief and it turned out to be an extension of our little week brief.
this is to look at being happy.
i have chose to look at 'pow wow' a native american indian festival where native americans get together and dance, sing, socialize and honor american indian culture.

i have spend the day looking at loads of pictures and videos, loved it!

look at this to see them dancing!
..i want to dress up and join in!

ive been doing a few drawings using my bamboo digital tablet ...

Sunday, 5 February 2012

finding your happy place..

this is the name for our little week project to have some freedom and just look at the things that make us happy.
we have to look at inner happiness, outer happiness, connections and celebrations.
these are some of the drawings i came up with...

...from doing this ive found that its so so relaxing drawing while listening to meditation music! ive also been creating some business cards, invoice sheets, letterheads and compliment slips ...i cant waittt to use them!! i feel all professional!

hear is a little peak at the logo i have created...

if you have any comments or constructive criticism id really love to hear it!!