Tuesday, 28 February 2012

david hockney.

last night i was flicking through the tele and found the culture show - david hockney: the art of seeing.
i have always known about david hockney as my nana and grandad are good friends with his brother and always loved his work.

the program reminded me of him so i used good old google to have a look at some of his other work.
in the program he made a point of saying that his work is done totaly by himself, when he was young he got taught the techniques to create art then he added his own creativity to it.

i love his drawings with pencil, even though its such a simple technique they are sooooo good!!

watching the program i loved how even though he is 74 hes managed to use totaly modern technology to create new contempary work.
for these he has used a camera and created a collage...

as time has gone on he has explored new projects.

he has now experimented using a ipad to create his lanscapes! i couldn't believe it!
he has taken his work and moved it along with the times keeping himself contempary and interesting.

he has even started to also use video! i loved them! he used 9 cameras and fixed them to a frame on the front of a jeep and videoed the road. the pictures where abit miss matched which made it look even better and quirky.
i just wanted a massive screen on my bedroom roof with his videos playing to send me to sleep!
they are so relaxing!

im so glad the program reminded me to look him up again!

and his offical website...

ps. sorry for blabing on so much!!

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