Friday, 26 September 2014



we had a meeting today at cleveland college of art and design, green lane to talk about the short courses that lucy and i will be teaching!

as usual going into ccad and seeing our college teachers always gets us inspired and excited about what we are doing but especially this time knowing we will be teaching there. i have also managed to work it out so i can use it as my teaching hours for my pgce and caroline has kindly agreed to become my mentor so i cant wait!! ..even better bonus!

i absolutely love working with ccad. when i finished my technician job i hoped to be back involved with ccad soon and here we are! lucy is also attached to ccad as much as i am we cant wait to get going!

keep a look out if you are interested in our short courses ...we will spill all info as so as we can!


got in the workshop after our meeting and i was far to over excitable after our meeting that i couldn't concentrate properly! we set our work out and i put my goggles on ready and ended up sitting in my goggles chatting watching lucy do her work and taking photos of her instead of doing my own work. engraving isnt the most social work in the world it kind of ruins any chance of conversation.


i was sat with the sun coming through the window and door nicely onto my desk. 
the sun created these lovely patterens and my own little personal desk rainbow through my glasses so of course i had to take some photos to share!

peace out!


Sunday, 21 September 2014



i recently was trying to find a picture of something and ended up going off on one mooching through all my old documents from my old laptop including all the hilarious 'what was i thinking' photos.
while i was looking i saw a load of my old work from college and the begining of uni that was crazy to look through. i thought id share some of my favourites or ones i cant beleive it was me who made it compared to my work now.


i absolutely loved this project. one of my favourites ever and would happily redo it all over again. i loved the challenge of drawing human bodies, especially hands! anyone who draws knows how tricky hands are (anyone who finds them easy you are a genius!) i also liked painting etc this image because of how parts of the body are completely in darkness. i still have all of these hiding away in the loft.

acrylics in a brown sketchbook. using a photograph taken from the internet.
we thought that was fine to do in college!

collaged paper. 

hb pencil. this was also using a photograph from the internet. this one took me hours.


while i was in college i was in love with sabrina ward harrison. you can see the influence very strong.
i weirdly loved using alot of bright colours back then which is the extreme opposite to my work these days! it was also fully textile which is also something i dont gravitate towards any more.

it actually couldn't get anymore different to my style now could it?


at the time i didnt appreciate this bowl/plate, when i look back i love it. it was based on the inside of trees and the rough and smooth contrast of the bark and wood. i still have the mould i made to make this. i might have a play sometime.

plate? bowl? i don't know.
the inside was smooth.
the edge was left raw.
i also kept the textured back.


i also loved this project it was also one of my all time favourites. it was the first time i really pushed myself to make something i had no clue in the world how to make and new it was going to take alot of work and was going to be very hard.

the copper etched medals on my felted solder jacket inspired tea cosy.

the teapot that pulled every possible muscle in my upper half making it.

a teabag spoon. my first real cutting out job.

its crazy looking at the things ive made and whats moulded me into what i am now. i have made things ive loved and things i dont even like to think about but they've all taught me my strengths and weaknesses. i like having a little reminise and thinking about how far ive came and imagining what it would be like looking back in 4 or so years and wondering what i will think about what i am making now its crazy.

peace out!




my workshop partner and best friend lucy commissioned me to make this for her girlfriend.
i was scared to begin with but i ended up loving engraving it and its now became my favourite.


im not sure if i have ever properly mentioned 'creative village c.i.c' before. lucy and i started a business a while ago but recently we have really started to focus more on getting it going. we aim to deliver a range of workshops from jewellery to ceramics to drawing to general arts. we are looking to teach a big range of people of all ages and abilities.

we had our first workshop on monday! i was nervous before it started and my belly sunk when i heard the kids come to the door but having lucy there doing it with me made it way easier. after about 2 minutes i realised they where just mini human beings not scary aliens from out of space and really really enjoyed it and couldnt beleive how i could be paid for enjoying something so much!

i have also now had my first day doing my pgce course. apart from the fact i went to the completely wrong building which then made me late, got two whopping blisters, found out i was meant to of had an interview, maths and english tests and was meant to enrol and had done none of thee above! ..i had a good day and enjoyed it and its all sorted. there was a big range of ages and subjects which will be really interesting, they all seemed really nice and i was very relieved at my maths test results. my brain hadnt died out afterall!

i got to have a relax and take my little baby cousin to the sealife centre on thursday. she was so amazed by our fish at home i couldnt wait to see how excited she got! she spent the whole time saying 'wow' 'oooo' 'wowww' 'fish' 'woww' 'water' 'splash' 'wow'. it was mega cute!
i loved it as much as she did. we are so boring compared to sea creatures!

peace out!


Thursday, 11 September 2014



lucy + i had a few days in the workshops together which doesnt happen often enough these days! we did a lot of tidying and found some good things we completely forgot we had!

we decided to paint one of the boards in the garage purple to brighten it up a bit!

our skills in DIY are outstanding ppppppahahha

we also finalised our plans for a workshop where doing for a group of young people next week which including loads of excitable eeeks and wishing we were the ones getting to do the workshop too!

there are some really exciting things happening behind the scenes with creative village but we will have to keep them under wraps for a bit longer! we will tell all as soon as possible!


tomorrow my little sister will be going away to uni to carry on building her career as a fashion photographer. my mum, dad + i are taking her down to falmouth + helping her set up her cute little southern home. i cant wait to see all the crazy photos from freshers and her team building surf lesson ...YES SURF LESSON - GREEN WITH ENVY!! we have set it up so my mum, dad, older sister sarah + dave her boyfriend who live in leeds and meg my little sister can all skype together! so we can all be mega jealous of what shes up to and even just the fact that she gets to live in cornwall (my dream!!). i cant wait to gate crash her double bed and pretend im at uni all over again and find myself a surfer dude to match hers!

i also have news! i will be starting my PGCE next wednesday! scary and feels like its came so fast but i cant wait to get going!

my mum is also starting her degree in crimial psycology in october!

all change in the langfords!
cant wait!!!

peace outtt