Thursday, 11 September 2014



lucy + i had a few days in the workshops together which doesnt happen often enough these days! we did a lot of tidying and found some good things we completely forgot we had!

we decided to paint one of the boards in the garage purple to brighten it up a bit!

our skills in DIY are outstanding ppppppahahha

we also finalised our plans for a workshop where doing for a group of young people next week which including loads of excitable eeeks and wishing we were the ones getting to do the workshop too!

there are some really exciting things happening behind the scenes with creative village but we will have to keep them under wraps for a bit longer! we will tell all as soon as possible!


tomorrow my little sister will be going away to uni to carry on building her career as a fashion photographer. my mum, dad + i are taking her down to falmouth + helping her set up her cute little southern home. i cant wait to see all the crazy photos from freshers and her team building surf lesson ...YES SURF LESSON - GREEN WITH ENVY!! we have set it up so my mum, dad, older sister sarah + dave her boyfriend who live in leeds and meg my little sister can all skype together! so we can all be mega jealous of what shes up to and even just the fact that she gets to live in cornwall (my dream!!). i cant wait to gate crash her double bed and pretend im at uni all over again and find myself a surfer dude to match hers!

i also have news! i will be starting my PGCE next wednesday! scary and feels like its came so fast but i cant wait to get going!

my mum is also starting her degree in crimial psycology in october!

all change in the langfords!
cant wait!!!

peace outtt


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