Monday, 17 November 2014




sorry i haven't got many exciting photographs recently i have been engraving every weekend doing glasses for people to give as christmas presents. who will be opening a hand engraved glass by me on christmas day? den den derrr such a good feeling!

peace out


Wednesday, 5 November 2014



last monday was our last workshop with the mini ravens. we have absolutely loved spending time with the kids, sharing our love with them and sit there after every workshop talking about how we cant beleive we call it our job.

felt strange not going on monday!! hopefully we will be back soon to do more.


we got to finally annouce our funding last wednesday!

we found out a while ago that we had a conditional offer if we gave over some documents they needed. we were told we couldn't tell anyone until the funding was offically awarded so we have been itching and itching!! the funding came through and we could finally annouce it!

lucy and i sat next to each other and said 1, 2, 3! and pressed post! we loved getting to tell everyone our amazing news!

this is what we posted...

For those of you who don’t know, Lucy and I set up a community interest company last year called Creative Village. Creative Village delivers workshops to a range of ages and abilities, teaching skills from general art and design to beginner and advanced jewellery and ceramics.

We are very proud and excited to announce we have been awarded a grant from the Big Lottery Fund to equip and run our up and coming project, Be Creative. This project will provide creative opportunities for children and young adults to learn new skills and express themselves through art.


Watch this space for exciting updates on Creative Village!

our next step is to get spending! we have contacted the organisations we are wanting to work with and we will see what happens excitinggg!


the amazing drawings around ccad foyer

more amazing drawings round ccad foyer

as you can see from my footprints - ive been busy.

i have been mega busy being back at ccad, teaching workshops, at my p.g.c.e, writing my p.g.c.e essay, engraving glasses + finding time to make jewellery for BCTF. im getting used to everything now and am a bit more relaxed into my weekly routine.

i have recently found out about getting the bus to work instead of the train, which means i get to go through all the interesting industrial bits and along the seaside ..couldnt ask for much better views for my creative brain!


we also had a lovely day last tuesday with a visit from rosie. rosie came to both college and uni with lucy and i and we love keeping up to date with each other finding out what where all up to.

rosie has recently bought a flash camera and is enjoying getting into photography. she asked if we would mind letting her come have a nosey in our workshop and take some photos and ask us some questions. we of course loved the idea and had a really nice day catching up and getting caught pulling stupid consentration faces (more from me than lucy!).

caught having a cheeky prod!

to see all the photographs and the interview go to...

i also could not resist any longer i had to buy some goodies. i wonder who will be recieving some rosebud casson soooon

if you would like your own piece of casson go to...