Sunday, 6 October 2013

im so sorry i have been neglecting my blog and facebook recently because i have been so busy.

i have now started my new job and its really good being back involved in the course i finished in june but in a different way.

i dont drive so going to work takes me 4 hours a day travelling time so i havent been as motivated to make things as before apart from a wedding commission i have been doing on a weekend.

on friday i created some more teacups and finished a set of skull illustration plates i made for my auntie.
it has made me want to start making more new things!

i have got a few ideas i will be trying out for a few craft fairs i have coming up with lucy addison.

yesterday i made a new tumblr account. i wasnt sure about it as i already use 109839 different social networking sites but i thought id give it a go anyway!

if you want to find me ...

since last posting on here i ahve also updated and worked on my website to make people be able to buy my products off it!

if you would like a peak my website is...