Sunday, 21 September 2014



my workshop partner and best friend lucy commissioned me to make this for her girlfriend.
i was scared to begin with but i ended up loving engraving it and its now became my favourite.


im not sure if i have ever properly mentioned 'creative village c.i.c' before. lucy and i started a business a while ago but recently we have really started to focus more on getting it going. we aim to deliver a range of workshops from jewellery to ceramics to drawing to general arts. we are looking to teach a big range of people of all ages and abilities.

we had our first workshop on monday! i was nervous before it started and my belly sunk when i heard the kids come to the door but having lucy there doing it with me made it way easier. after about 2 minutes i realised they where just mini human beings not scary aliens from out of space and really really enjoyed it and couldnt beleive how i could be paid for enjoying something so much!

i have also now had my first day doing my pgce course. apart from the fact i went to the completely wrong building which then made me late, got two whopping blisters, found out i was meant to of had an interview, maths and english tests and was meant to enrol and had done none of thee above! ..i had a good day and enjoyed it and its all sorted. there was a big range of ages and subjects which will be really interesting, they all seemed really nice and i was very relieved at my maths test results. my brain hadnt died out afterall!

i got to have a relax and take my little baby cousin to the sealife centre on thursday. she was so amazed by our fish at home i couldnt wait to see how excited she got! she spent the whole time saying 'wow' 'oooo' 'wowww' 'fish' 'woww' 'water' 'splash' 'wow'. it was mega cute!
i loved it as much as she did. we are so boring compared to sea creatures!

peace out!


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