Sunday, 31 August 2014



so we all have been doing the ice bucket challenge to raise awareness for motor neurone disease. it not only worked because of raising so much money but it has educated me on what the disease is i had only heard of the name without knowing what it actually was.

if you would like to donate text ICED55 £5 to donate five pounds

think i might go for this look more often! ..hmm maybe not

while i havent been throwing freezing water over my head ive been spending alot of time engraving glass commissions. i was happy to be asked to do glasses totally different to the ones id made before so i get to try out doing different styles. i got asked to do some wine glasses which were given to a couple on saturday night as a 40th wedding anniversary present by one of my good friends rosie. the glasses had mostly text on with there names, anniversary and a bug design up the side. rosie is a maker herself so she drew a design she wanted on the glass and i engraved it for her.

i also got asked to do some glasses for a wedding. i love weddings! the wedding hasnt been yet though so i will save the photos until afterwards just incase by some amazing coincidence the bride and groom to be find this blog and see the glasses!

i was also asked if i could gift wrap the glasses and add some little details to give it a special feel.

i looked about to see what i could find, i have bags and bags of horded materials i am going to find a use for some day i promise! anyway i came across a bunch of flowers i bought for my mum that i had left to dry out ..PERFECT!

i really liked how they turned out so decided to offer gift wrapping as a £3 extra choice.
the gift wrapping will be available to pick up only i dont think the flowers would be very happy with being shut away in a box.

to order glasses email

this week also meant PGCE application deadline!
i found it hard to write a personal statement about teaching as i had written so many before about myself as an artist. i sat and went for it and just tried to write exactly why teaching interests me and try and show me as a person through it. i havent heard anything back yet but the deadline was only yesterday. i will let you known when i find out if they would like me on the course or not!

right im going to say bye for now!


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