Wednesday, 13 August 2014



so engraving the glasses was more of a faff on than i expected. more because im slightly daft and didnt think of charging the dremel before i started! it meant last tuesday when i sat down all ready with my laptop and the tele on, all comfy on my mum and dads bed ready for a long good go at the glasses the charge only lasted about 1/10 of the way through one glass.

i tried to leave it to charge for half an hour or so and have another go but it died so quickly i decided the better option was to give up and have a go on the wednesday!

okay once i had well and truley charged the dremel for hours it was crazy, my hand went numb and felt like it was going to drop off! i managed to control the dremel and got going.

okay so i admit i completely forgot i needed to wear a mask until about half way through my first glass it will be sergically attached from now on dont worry!


i managed to get alot more done (i will keep it under wraps until after my sisters birthday of course)
but yes it was another overnight charge for the dremel and so on and so on.

for some reason whenever theres a day when im going to get any sort of white mess on me (normally clay) i some how gravitate to black clothes ..okay people who know me know i do have a mostly black wardrobe but fully plain black clothing? it was just asking to be messed up!

my mum and dads bed is so comfy!

cant wait to give sarah the glasses!! i get to give her them on saturday when we go to leeds to see her and her boyfriend dave. we are also going to stuff our faces in reds. ive never been before but by the sounds of the menu i cant wait to eat my own body weight in food!


i didnt get what hashtags were for at first i thought they were just a bit of extra detail which is kind of what many people use them for and since ive learnt they help people find new peoples profiles. i now use them myself to have a big motivational/inspiring mooch looking at other artists but i always forget to do them myself. i always wonder if people would find it annoying if i did it so it makes me not sure but considering i use them for the reason i would want others to use them for to find me maybe i should give it a go!

peace out!


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