Monday, 4 August 2014



for the past few days ive had a really nice sit and play and think!

ive had some ideas ive been really excited about within my new collection and i finally had a go!
it wasnt as exciting as i was expecting and i was abit disapointed by the result but carried on having a play hoping the first idea would evolve into something i was really excited about and VOILA! i have found some really interesting ideas! cant wait to make the real ones after some more practicing!


i also had a go at a tool i keep meaning to make.

to you it looks like a load of random nails in a piece of wood (okay it is) but its useful i promise!
it didnt work as amazingly as expected as always! but worked okay and will still help.

your not allowed to see the designs sorry!!


dont you love it when your sat watching something completely unrelated (in my instance a child genis competition programme - i know soo random!!) and your brain goes TING! and you get an amazing brainwave and all these ideas start realing off in your head!

...well that happened earlier so i ran and got my notepad and joted it all down. i hope i understand it when i look back at all my random squiggles.

getting all these new ideas scared me a little. i thought oh god im going to have to cut these down ive got far to many! i decided to do a trusty list - lists know everything!


i wrote down every piece i have either made so far or want to make as part of my collection and ive came out with 56 PIECES!

i considered cutting it down but i thought nope im going to make them all ...i might not like some so il have a good amount to chose from and many are small.

more to enjoy making i say!

a wine glass with a dead flower engraved - a beautiful passing collection

a wine glass with a dead flower engraved - a beautiful passing collection


in the next few days im going to be engraving glasses with parts of the middle earth map from lord of the rings for my sister. i had to put it back a few days.

bring on the numb vibration hands and the aching back!

i will put photos on after i have gave them to her.


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