Wednesday, 20 March 2013

i am still in full flow exploring materials and techniques for my man-made collection.

one of my favourite things to do is drawing. this made me want to use my drawing within my jewellery somehow.

i created drawings in photoshop and layers them us and cut away shapes creating a interesting drawing to use as inspiration.

from my drawings i have been looking at different ways i can incorporate it into my work.

i have also been developing my ceramic rings using black clay to give them a interesting look.

i have been creating a plaster bat with my drawings from photoshop drawn into to create a stamp to use with my rings.

this is my plaster bat before i cleaned it, showing up the drawing...

these are piece of black clay pressed into the bat to create drawing texture...

i have been developing designs for my back piece as part of my final collection...

i am happy with how my test piece came out and will be taking it further and thinking about using my drawings, accertate, ceramics, tracing paper and threads.

i have also been thinking about my future career, my brand and looking at new logos, business cards and other promotional material...

i have also been fundraising with the uni girls (and glenn)  raising money fro our degree show!

we have been doing a raffle, tombola and guess the amount of sweets... which was very hard not to eat them all!!

we are also planning a dip in the sea on good friday!
there are a group of us running in the sea, dressed as artists and dunking under the water! ...lets hope it doesn't snow!!!!!

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