Sunday, 12 August 2012

oooo just heard about a craft fair put together by the factoree in hartlepool in december!
i think im going to apply! :D
sooooo excited about it! already got some ideas!!!

last year i made pieces for my cousins wedding and i lovedd seeing it all on the day and how happy the bride and groom where with my pieces!
...well now my other cousins asked me to make some pieces for her wedding aswell! wooooop!

i went round her flat the other day to talk about what she would like me to make and i cant waittt!!

i love the sound of everything and am totally flattered she wants me to make them :)

i am going to be called the 'arts director' ;) haha and get to help set up everything on the morning! im going to loveeee it!!

april needs to come fasterrr!! :D

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