Friday, 3 August 2012

ive been neglecting my blog for a while ive just been soooo busy!

ive been to stay in a lovely villa in monte pego in spain :)
i had an amazingg time and got some good inspiration from textures and colours i saw while going on little walks in the sun...

...okay people who know me know i am abit to snap happy with my camera so im going to bore you even more muhahaha....

as i was traveling to small towns i also noticed metal sculptures sometimes at the side of the road, in peoples gardens or even in a tunnel...

...there was also some crazy looking creatures!!!...

...i had an amazing timee!!

...i also have been getting up to some tie dye!
turning my conservatory into a studio teaching some friends different shapes while dying my hands and nails blackkkkk!!

.,,photos taken by my best friend olivia owens :)
...have a peak at her blog here..

...this blog sooooo long! il be quiet in a minute! i promisee!! hahaha

...ive also been doing my summer project!

ive decided to use the textures, marks and colours i found while in spain and create these in textiles!
i am only in the experimental testing stages so far so there will be more to come!!

heres a little peak at the very first stages ive been playing with...

...i hope everyones have as good summer as i am!! :D

...getting my nose pierced tomorrow arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!
then ive got an arts fair in saltburn on sunday to look forward too!! :D

...look forward to even moree photographs muhahahha!

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