Tuesday, 21 August 2012

had a lovelyyy day yesterday!!
i went to guisborough woodland and walkway with two of my best girlies :)

had a day as a 5 year old all over again loveddd it!

got blisters on my hands and nearly puked from all the boucing and jumping and spining!

i also got home and got on with some more work :)
managed to get my sister to be my hand model to take some pictures of some of my degree show piece and some recent tests...

i am planning on creating more of these in these dyed fabrics...


  1. Such a fun day! I will definitely want one of your bracelets when you have made them, they look cool! xxxxx

  2. anoo yehhh we sooo need to go again!! ...awww okie dokie thankyouu! ;D xx