Friday, 8 June 2012


soooo weve all been waiting for last night for sooo long and it finally came!

and now i can put the pictures on ive been dying to show everyone of my halona collection!! took a lot of planning and hard work...

 maybe a few paint fights on the way...

people laughing at my stylish outfit...

and a lot of random paint splats found in strangee places! ...including in my ears!!!

but it all payed off in the end!!!...

im so proud of myself and my girliess! and even made my first sale before the show even started!!

thankyou to all the people who helped make it happen i loved it! :)

...i will post some closer photos of my work when i go in when its a little quieter than last night!



well done everyone!!!!!!!!! :D

if you want a peak at our work it is on until next saturday!

to see opening times click here! are some photography shots i asked paul sudlow to take for me of my sister modelling my pieces...

my work is now also being sold in FOLIO next to ccad, church lane in hartlepool!!
i will post some picturess later! :)

au reviour, auf wiedersehen, ciaooo!


  1. I loved your work in the degree show :) !!
    those first pictures look amazing!
    robyn xxx

  2. awww thankyouu!!
    i was looking forward to seeing yours and loved it too! :D
    its an app called 'photosynth' :)