Monday, 25 June 2012

well ive had the weirdest, funniest, most eventful day everrrrr!!!

lucy, sarah and i set off at 10.30 this morning ready for a lovely, sophisticated day in harrogate going to art galleries turned into a crazy road trip trying to find galleries that where actually openn!!

well we got to harrogate and gallery number one was closedd.....

then we get to gallery number two and guess what ...


oh but thenn we saw another art gallery ...but nope it was closed...

...nextt, the mercer gallery ...closedd!!!!

by then the laughs got hysterical!! this time after all the walking round galleries ...nott! ...we were peckish so off to wetherspoons we went 

...where we met paul!
a white/jamaican/chinese dude from birmingham who invited himself to our table sarahs words his life was a a charity shop!
his 3/4 children, prison time for armed robberies, dj thugz and how he wanted to take me to ibiza ...i can safely say the weirdest convocation i have ever had!

after stuffing our faces and meeting our new ...ermmm... friend?
we carried on our road trip!!

to masham we wentt!!

...i think you can guess whats coming...

gallery number four was closed!!!!

it looked really good through the windows tooo!

while we where there saw the nikky corker gallery which was opennnnnnnn!!!
..however i dont think ive ever seen a smaller gallery!

...cute though!

thenn back to the closed galleries with number six!!

...welllllllllllll it didnt end there!!!

on our way home there was some strange noises and a weird smell and noooooooooooooooooooo!
we had broke down!!

could anything else possibly go wrongg?!! hahaha

...sooo we had to amuse ourselves for two hours while we waited for our knight in shining armour, james dodd!

...'would you still be my friend if i looked like this?'

...just to round it all off we had a terrifying ride back in lucys car while being towed 35 minutes back to stockton!!
hahahaa was a cross between grabing on and nearly weeing and bursting out laughing at the absolute mentalllll day!!

...all in all it was the funniest day ive had in a long time and even tho we didnt get to see much art it was hilarious and hoping we have another one! ...maybe we will at least take a tow rope, ring up galleries to make sure their websites are right and of course we havee to take the sherbet lemons!!

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