Wednesday, 13 February 2013

recently i have been carrying on with more and more testing for my final major project

i havent put any images on of what  have been doing for a while so i thought id give an update..

i went on two trips to industrial sites to take more photo to work from...

i have been continuing to look at knitting and how i can create new looks...

i am using knitting and stretching it across spot welded shapes, 3d and 2d and looking at the lines i can make.

i have also been experimenting with coloured clay looking at what shades of grey and black i can make.

with the coloured clay i have also been doing alot of tests aiming at making full ceramic rings...

im excited about these as i have wanted to do these since my 2nd year of uni.

i have also been looking at designs i can create from my samples so far.

i have decided i would like to do a range of quirky, strange jewellery which adorn the body in not necessarily the normal ways. i am also going to do some small pieces such as rings as less expensive pieces also as part of my jewellery range.

i have looked at the markets and what is already available and created mood boards to inspire me but also to make sure my work is unique...

as i haven't worked with some of the materials in depth before i will also be doing wear tests to see how the jewellery reacts to my skin and how i feel wearing it.

i am thinking about how the jewellery is against the structure of the body.

it has also been my birthday recently and my friend rosie gave me some nice pressies i thought id share!

rosie is a textiles artist i have known for about 5 years now and i love her work!

to have a look go to her blog or facebook...

she also got me a brooch by layla amber
here is her website...

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