Monday, 31 December 2012

i hope you had as good christmas as i did!!

i loved stuffing my face, seeing the reactions from my pressies, playing stupid games with my family and snuggling up drawing to christmas films.

my mum and dad gave me a ring for christmas made by my good friend, lucy addison.

it says 'PEACE JOY LOVE...' on the outside and '...HAPPINESS' on the inside :)


...lucy makes these adjustable for £15 and full for £20 and can write whatever you would like on them :)

it order and for more information go to...


  1. Love!!! I want one....actually one for each finger!

  2. hahha lucy will happily make all ten for you ;) ...then you can go onto your toes! hahaha tooo!! now ive got this one im addicted! :P xx