Wednesday, 18 January 2012

catch up?

it feels like ages since i posted so i thought id give you a little low down on whats going on in the life of jess at the moment :)

..welll im now near the end of my 'trash' project (which i cant decide if is a good or bad thing!) and am half way through making my final products!
i cant waitttt til deadline! the feeling of relief is just AMAZING! love sitting down and having a look at how everyone else has taken the brief in their own totally unique ways!

choosing to make rings means money money moneyyy!
i chose to use silver to make my rings as it would show how i would make them if i was to sell them to a client . i also wanted to show although i used 'trash' as my theme i could still create luxury high end products.

this showed me clearly the reason for student loanss!..

...although it was expensive i cant wait to have products finished that would fit into any high end jewellery boutique!

im busy now being very careful (maybe a little to careful i think i need to stop thinking about it!) making my rings! i will put some pictures up of the finished products as soon as there done.

i think this is the view i will be seeing a lot of until next friday!!

i also thought i would show you this amazing new note pad i have especially for lists!!!
me and my friends from uni just cant stop making lists lists and more lists and now i have a special note pad!

...on a lighter note...

i just thought i would share this of lucy my mate looking like a cross between a slug and the angel of the north!
jewellery equipment isn't exactly flattering!!!

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