Friday, 30 December 2011

i hope you all had an amazing christmas and had as much of a good time as i did!
my lovely nana and grandad bought me a table easel which i cant waittt to use!
i also got a really good jewellery book called 'adorn: new jewellery' by amanda mansell which has loads of quirky and interesting jewellery to look at and inspire and motivate me.

today, while having a mooch through the internet i came across these and thought i would share...

im not sure about you but i REALLY want a pair!
looking at most of the pairs you wouldn't even realize there shoes!
there so quirky and fun!

these are made by kobi levi a shoe designer who takes heavy inspiration from everyday objects and animals.
imagine the attention your feet would get wearing these!

...i will never look at my plain black shoes the same again!

to have a peak at more of these amazing shoes check out....

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