Friday, 11 November 2011

remembrance day

Today we have been remembering all the lives lost in the First World War all wearing our red poppies. This has meant that there are many programs about the war and war veterans shown recently. I've just been watching 'The Culture Show' which was about art therapy and how it can help war veterans deal with what they have gone through. On this, The National Veterans Art Museum in Chicago, Illinois in America, was shown looking at all the art work created by the veterans. There are a variety of different art using a lot of different materials and forms. Joseph Clarence Fornelli is the founder of the museum as well as showing his own work he created while serving in Vietnam. I loved how there is meaning behind this as well as showing quality drawing.

I love the line quality in this drawing and you can feel the sense of speed and rush though the style of drawing.

This painting was created using bamboo and tea as that was all he had as materials. It shows the sadness and  silence among the soldiers when a team mate was lost.

It is amazing how he has managed to create such good drawings while being in such kaos.
I find it really interesting how art can help with the healing of a mind and I would like to look further into becoming an art therapist in the future. I also think I will watch more of 'The Culture Show' and recommend it.

The National Veterans Art Museum website...

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